Vampyr – first impressions

Vampyr is unlikely to be able to qualify for best game of the year. The press that the players were not too warm. Perhaps the main problem in that game is a AAA project, while its cost is felt. Maybe too high expectations. In General, some of its pros and cons is visible in the first hours, as we now describe.

In the story, our main character, Dr. Jonathan reed, was turned into a vampire – but who and why is unclear. In the first minutes, he does the act, which will spare and immediately gets the idea to find and take revenge on those who did. Gradually, we are a bit familiar with the past character, as well as by London.

This game is much darker than the same Life Is Strange. We play, as I understand, only at night. The city’s raging epidemic and someone is killing people, draining them all of the blood. Residents depressed at night sitting in the house. But someone still manages to go and get drunk in bars. In General, the gloom, blood, hopelessness, and oppression. And the game is very good. And what else is needed for a game of Vampire?

Unfortunately, visually, the game is not too good. In this regard, it was very average. And even that’s not old technology and the study levels. I can’t believe it was made by the creators of Life Is Strange. Perhaps the authors themselves did not calculate their strength when tried to create a major project. Level design done as a tasteless, missing some parts and dark eye lures you to explore it. At the same time, developers are too heavily leaned on brown color scheme. The result is that the graphics are like as not annoying, but no catches. But, what’s annoying – the game manages to lose FPS even while it is not the highest level graphics! Fortunately, this is only technical problem. However, after the prologue, she appears more often.

Another goal for the flying tomatoes of fighting games. Here she also seems not bad, but not good. It is quite easy to learn, we can use the different weapons and abilities, but is severely lacking some pizzazz, tension, and brutality. Blows are not felt. Yes and usually use only two tools – a melee weapon, and a stake to bite the victims and to replenish the blood needed to use abilities.

In fact only doing it to beat the enemy, makeup blood, squander it on other or ability, and then all around. When you drink blood, as I understand it, the other opponents can’t stop it. And the first boss in the prologue but 1-2 strokes, nothing more and nothing uses. The opponents in the game have different resistances to the four damage types – maybe the game tries to force you to use different weapons. But the fight is not yet touched absolutely nothing.

But that is all that I want to strongly blame game. Aside from that, she made everything much better. For example, there are interesting role-playing system – skills are not very many, but they all have a bunch of different improvements. Each weapon can be improved, thus, increase not only the basic characteristics but also to choose what more to focus. At the same time, pumped the game offers either through enemies or through civilians. If they’re not sick, that you will drink their blood, you will get a lot of experience.

The developers even said that the more you kill civilians, the easier the game becomes – what Soviet and its level of difficulty. By the way, is murdering the townspeople will have its consequences. While I never really learned how it works. You can even make a whole file of one of the residents to find out what he has and what kind of people connected. Sometimes this opens up new dialogues, sometimes makes the blood more valuable. There is even such a thing as the situation in the area – what makes it worse, the less profitable trade. Of course, this is only the beginning, and it is not clear how much this will affect gameplay and what the game hides these features.

Happy so far, and the plot of the game. It has some intrigue, with a sense that it will be a detective. Gradually learn about all sorts of factions and orders, for example, the vampire hunters. And people talk about some of the dirt Dog, which is something like urban legend. In this case, the game scattered over various letters and notes that tell about the vampires, the residents of the surrounding world. Perhaps we will find some very interesting secrets.

Yet the impression that the developers get a good roleplay, and nothing more. Of course, things can change further on the subject in a better way, or simply Vampyr disappoint. Sure, I hope for the first option.