Playerunknown”s Battlegrounds Walkthrough

There is an unwritten rule: any online game is more fun in good company. PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds is no exception, and in its genre, “king of the hill” where the only goal is to be the last survivor, looks extremely attractive. And if playing solo then turns to horror, where you freaked out every rustle, with friends there is scope for tactical marches, and for a fun joint exploring.

Press Ctrl+T

As soon as the round starts, immediately hold Ctrl+T. Well, unless you’re not a fan of swearing in all the languages of the world. With teammates to better communicate on Skype, TeamSpeak and others like them.


About initial tactics among nerds already hotly debated. Some experts say that transport should run a mile, saying that it creates a lot of noise, it can be seen from afar, in General, no stealth. We suggest doing the opposite: focusing on the map spawn a transport, try to jump and fly to the most distant orange markers. Be alert to parachute opponents and try not to interfere with them ahead of time. And Yes, most importantly: when I get a new car, God forbid you try to get out of it on the go.

Aim For The Center Of The Circle, Avoiding Airstrikes

The main mechanic that makes the crowd not spread on a huge map, and battle each other locally — gradually the clipping area of the game. Don’t forget to watch the timer counting down the time until the next restriction, and refrain from wandering the red zone: it shows where in this moment is shelling.

Lucite Third-person Fight First

Battlegrounds still no settings for FOV (angle of view), so to explore the world and, in particular, to search buildings more comfortable with a third person. But, seeing an enemy soldier, bravely push V or right mouse button: aiming through the fly there is always “eyes”, and fire is just so.

Fear Of Open Doors

Open the door here almost always is an alarming signal: at least someone in this building is already cleaned out, and sometimes that someone may still be inside. However, some very clever hunters closed the door behind them to cover their tracks or, worse, ambush. Therefore, to lose focus not even for a second.

Clean The Shed With The Mind

Primarily looking for a backpack, otherwise, all the joy of the gathering will end after a couple of houses. For a more convenient resource management, you can use the Tab key, selecting with the floor only what you really need. Pay attention to the level of equipment, which pick up even if you already have a helmet, it is likely to find abruptly. By the way, hats do not neglect the salvation from crazy headshots pays quite ridiculous appearance. Also, keep in mind that the newly selected gun is almost always not loaded, but ammunition for them is usually somewhere nearby. Do not forget to put them on improvements — you can do it either by dragging or just by clicking with the right mouse button. Well, about airdrop don’t forget, there’s usually a good loot!

Choose Weapons To Suit Your Style Of Game

Arsenal PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds rich, but slots for only two large-caliber guns, so choose what to carry, be smart. The ultimate solution is hung with the M16. The Kalashnikov assault rifle deals more damage, but not so accurate and gives much. Shotgun with a fixed choke can be useful not only in the near-firefight, but for the mid-range, and shot in the head from a self-loading carbine will not save almost any cap. However, do not forget the main rule of Battlegrounds: good shooting one which was not. To open fire, thereby giving their location, it is only in extreme cases and with full confidence in the successful outcome of the bout.