Mass Effect: Andromeda Walkthrough


After a dramatic, but predictable events, the players try on the shoes of a pioneer and start my big adventure.

When you are docked with the local counterpart of the Citadel, you will soon learn that Andromeda met outsiders not welcome, part of the ark was lost, the station is not completed, the colonists staged a coup that led to the formation of gangs of bandits and looters that have spread across the galaxy.

Highly recommend to hang out with all of the characters before they go to the Director of Tannu. Fortunately, not far to seek because the Cache, Edison, and Kendras concentrated in one place. Chatted with them, you do the extra homework and learn more about many details of the plot.

The Search For The Missing Ark

After you chat with anyone, you can go to the Director of Tannu, who will direct you on the planet of EOS and ask along the way to look for other missing ARKS. This additional task is stretched for the whole game and its further development is tightly intertwined with the main storyline, so try not to focus on it.

After listening to commencement speeches and numerous pleas for help with food, missing scientists, the dead colonists and other troubles, you need to get back on Board the Hyperion to talk with SAM ohms. You can also listen to additional audio recordings of his father, which not only reveal some of the details from the past, Alec Rider, but will make a few references to the original trilogy. Here you will be able to grasp the model Normandy SR-2 for your cabins.

At the docks, you are waiting for a Petrel and a few new team members with whom you need to begin your exciting adventure in a new galaxy, the first stop of which is on ease. The most notable addition to the team will be turiano Wind (since it can sleep), which apparently according to the developers was supposed to be a worthy replacement for Garrus, but did not. However, the abundant flow of verbiage about the smuggling and problems with the sister of the Wind hides their good ability to handle weapons. A large stock of health and good damage make it good in a walking tank that can take on almost every job.

The First Planet: Eos

Upon arrival at EOS, you see a rather depressing picture: on the surface of the raging radioactive wind, and the first Outpost destroyed. A bit of wandering around locations, you can activate one additional task to read the records of the colonists and to chat with the only survivor, who will advise to go to hell and don’t touch generators. It’s clear that the generators Ryder still touching that attract the Outpost fighting force of kettou — an alien race teleomorph with which the family of the Riders encountered on the habitat-7. After you deal with uninvited guests, the game will finally make it possible to steer a Nomad, but first, you need to call from the orbit of the advanced station and then get the code from the garage where is parked the Nomad.

By the way: advanced station not only recharge weapons and repairing the nomad, but also serve as points for fast roaming when you are on the surface of planets.

Deal With Radiation

Better to do it in the first place, since the execution of the remaining tasks will be seriously complicated by the prospect of burning to death in a radioactive atmosphere of the planet.

Jump into a Nomad and go to the East, to the black alien monolith near the first Outpost. The colonists had carefully erected around the monolith defensive perimeter, so you don’t have to drive a deterioration of the life support system of his spacesuit. Then the game forces you to actively use the scanner to find the characters for the console needed to solve non-trivial puzzles in the style of Sudoku, but first, you need to deal with a new type of synthetic enemies who guard the building.

Don’t forget to scan fallen enemies, since it accumulates an impressive amount of research data necessary to obtain new types of weapons and armor.

Activate the console launch of movie scene in which we will introduce a new character, which also can be hooked.

Activation Of The Monoliths Relics

After the launch of the first monolith relics it becomes clear that they are doing something useful and (suddenly!) only a pioneer can interact with them. It would be foolish not to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to press some buttons in strange alien structures.

If you intend to stick solely to the main storyline, then you only need to travel between the monoliths, almost not getting out of the Nomad. However, the route is often padded so that you’ll be sure to pass camps that it is possible and desirable to strip to get new gear.

The trick with monoliths and puzzles need to be done several times to gain access to more grandiose the alien structure hidden in the depths of EOS.

To decipher the second puzzle will need to Tinker with the scanner, as the console is missing some characters. To find them, you need to trace the cables leading to the other characters.

After sliding out of the land of platforms and scanner, we can finally activate the console, previously played Sudoku. The key to the puzzle that the characters must not be repeated vertically and horizontally.

After activation of the second monolith to follow to the third. Routine this time diluted by the fact that the monolith is surrounded by a force field that is powered by generators located in database. Selenamarie because clearly, we do not like the base will have to taken by storm.

Nomad parked at the entrance, you can start a siege of the base. Be prepared for the fact that enemies on the basis of many and they will provide you with a more than decent resistance. Suggest to pump available capacity (if you still haven’t done), and actively use cover and jump pack.

Please note on small generators located in the aisles. They have force fields built into the shelter, behind which are hidden enemies, so that their deactivation will be for you a priority at higher levels of complexity.

The base is symmetrical and the aisles full of heaps, behind which you can hide from enemy fire, so we recommend not to look for trouble and to correctly assess the situation. In General, the siege of the base is such a neat trick of developers, designed to introduce the pioneering game mechanics and what awaits him in the future.

Don’t forget to scan anything you see — the base is full of different panels and terminals, the study of which will bring a lot of points.

After the enemies are finished, you can safely go to the last monolith. The procedure is the same: get the scanner, looking for missing characters and activate the relic terminal. Both missing character located on top of the columns.

The Descent

After activation of the monoliths and the meeting with grandpa krogan Drakom you can go into a Grand structure relics, located deep gender ground and which is now marked on your map.

Along the way, you’ll meet several Cette advanced units and relics, which can be broken for the sake of the experience and the equipment.

On arrival you will be waiting Pibi and the next movie plot, in which you can influence the development of events in time by pressing R2/RT. On the storyline as a whole is not affected, you’ll just look more or less stupid.

The vault Relics sounds like a dark and confusing maze, shrouded in a neon light. Once inside through the gravitational field, you are in a large room with another console. Activate the scanner to find stretched from it to the second console wire. Scanning a second console you get a code to enter on the first to open the door.

While you’re here, don’t forget to scan the building relics to earn points. By the way, the gear relics is the most powerful and the best in the game, so I advise you to use the scanner as often as possible.

After a short scene video, the group is split. Pibi leaves the trio to explore the vault yourself. Please note that in the West there is a room to which access is closed. There is a box of supplies that you can get. In addition, it will add one more additional task.

Here the repository is straightforward and is a straightforward set of passages and rooms, protected derivatives relics. I advise you all to actively explore and learn because there’s plenty of places to scan. Well, because the store is arranged in such a way that later you get back, you can miss many interesting things.

Sometime you can just quietly go around, but because fights bring experience to rely on stealth we do not recommend.

Long wander through the store, you finally find the Pb. Get ready for another hot encounter with the collectors and observers. It is better to focus on the observers, as their shots easily pierced the armor, and they can quickly finish your misadventures. It’s gotta be right in their red eyes and it is desirable to use rapid-fire weapons.

In the room, there are also several consoles that control the turret and cover. It is better to use them.

Having dealt with the relics jog around the room in search of victims for my scanner and collect the ammo. Then go into the next room where you will encounter the leak. You need a console that is useless, but exactly as long as the uses of Pibi and is not advised to fix the leak with the help of (who would have thought) its universal scanner. Open the door. Before leaving, do not forget to explore the southern part of the subject to a chest with a melee weapon.

The next room is just huge and there are several terminals that control platform. As each terminal highlights what he answers with white lines for a long time you won’t be here long.

The Great Escape

Passing by giant plants, don’t forget to scan them. Once you find a big room with bright laser in the center, you can relax: you’re on the spot. However, there’s no rush, since the activation of the vault will trigger a chain reaction, after which you will need to rush him headlong, so think of what you might have missed and need to check with the card. Rushing to the exit that is forces you can spare a few seconds to run into a room that was previously closed.

The First Outpost

As soon as you get out, you will immediately understand that the store act as terraforming devices that can do miracles with even the most wretched of planets, making them habitable. Well, since the atmosphere eoca now much more friendly to space the homeless, the pioneer can finally set up my first Outpost.

Once you arrive at the place of the coming construction, you will notice that Fights panic combat unit of Ketov, including several guys with the power shields and multi-barrel guns. First, you need to help grandpa deal with the enemies, and then to solve the issue with Outpost.

Having laid the carcasses of ketton in the Foundation of the settlement called Prodromos, you must first decide on his appointment. Because critical resources are not enough, the nexus can sponsor the construction of a scientific or a military Outpost. The choice is yours.

This is only the beginning it seems that you are faced with a difficult dilemma when in fact the decision practically depends on nothing.