Daytona USA Review

The good ol’ classic days of arcade racing are making a comeback with Daytona USA, a game that helped define the 90s for Gen Y’s everywhere. This addictive yet simple racer has been given a new life on Xbox Live Arcade, and while the game lacks the depth and challenge we so often demand from contemporary races, it still has a solid place in videogame history.

Classic arcade fun – This port is essentially identical to the quarter-eating arcade version so many of us still play to this day. It’s a stark reminder of simpler times when gameplay wasn’t anywhere near as demanding as it is today, and we didn’t need car customization to help justify a purchase. Just as it was decades ago, Daytona USA is fantastic for quick fun, be it alone or with friends.

Multiplayer – Play with friends from around the globe as competitive online multiplayer comes to Daytona USA. While it certainly doesn’t have the same appeal as the arcade version of yesteryear, the multiplayer implementation this time round gives the game some new flavour, alongside a number of new challenges and Achievements.

HD transition hurts presentation – Bringing Daytona USA into the HD era hasn’t really helped the game’s presentation. It still looks like a game from the 90s, but the jarring effects that plagued the arcade version are magnified in this console port. The game stutters along as you speed through tracks.

The Final VerdictThis aged classic controls just as it did so long ago, but it doesn’t quite have the same affect on consoles in a non-arcade environment. Playing with friends online — if you can find anyone in the essentially deserted online community — is great fun, but it doesn’t really have the same affect as going up against people side-by-side. Still, Daytona USA is a great game for quick fun, and is definitely a worthy purchase for diehard players from back in the day.