A preliminary review of the Realm Royale – Fantasy Battle Royal

Battle Royale

Became such a phenomenal event in the game industry that making games in this genre deal with almost every other developer. Someone makes a game, someone makes the extra mode. Soon we will cease to be surprised as well as multiplayer team battles in many other games.

Of course, not all will be able to shoot, half of the projects simply die in the first year or even six months. But this time we will talk about the project, which has already found its niche and can be considered one of the most popular games of the genre. Realm Royale is already in the top Steam with tens of thousands of players playing. Maybe success PUBG or Fortnite, the game will not repeat, but its niche is with high probability.

Most Realm Royale is similar to Fortnite – all thanks to the visual style. But instead of modern – fantasy world. In fact, the gameplay is almost no different from the rest of the genre. There is a big map where players land (this time with airships). The player is no gear and he urgently needed to find something to protect. Loot is mostly in buildings, forcing players to walk the city. Gradually, the safe area is shrinking, in the end, all the survivors will be at the same point. To survive should only be one, or a team, depending on the selected mode.

But still, the game has its differences. Fantasy has become not only a style but also enriched RPG elements. The five available characters classes: Warrior, Thief, Mage, Engineer, and Ranger. Each with their own abilities that replace all sorts of grenades and other auxiliary equipment. Magic is generally provided as a consumable in the chests. But, after all, to engage in melee the game doesn’t force – it has small arms, reinterpreted under the fantasy style.

In technical terms, the game is quite good. Despite the fact that this is an alpha, the game was not lowering FPS, lag, crashes and other nasty things. The developers of this plan did a good job, to the release of the game should be perfect.

In fact, Realm Royale is Battle Royale for fans of fantasy and for some players could be a good opportunity to try the genre. In addition, the project has great chances of life in the future, what the risk of getting a dead project is very low. The game is free anyway, so you have enough the first thirty minutes to understand you like the game or not.