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Best Time of Three Meals


The Best Time for Eating Your Three Meals


Eating can provide you a lot of benefits when you have your three meals at the right time. However, it would also cause you some health issues if you happen to eat them incorrectly or at the wrong time. There are always rules for eating your breakfast, lunch, and dinner just to ensure good health and nice body. In below article, it is going to address the right time for your three meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.



According to studies, the best time for having one of your three meals, breakfast, is from 7:00am to 7:30pm. It is because eating your early meal at interval time mentioned above can help to optimize metabolism. You may choose something that provides high protein like egg, milk, and bread or some right kinds of vegetables as your breakfast. For those slimmers, it is believed that they always eat by 8:00am so that they can keep being fit. Moreover, having your breakfast an hour or two right after you wake up from your sleep can also help prevent you from stomach problems.



The best time for having lunch is usually between 11:00am to 12:00pm. Do not eat your lunch later than 1:00pm. The reason why you should have your lunch at this time and never latetr than this is because your stomach has been empty for more than 4 hours already since your breakfast. Therefore, leaving it empty still may cause you some health problem for your stomach. What should be included in your lunch could be some meat as well as some vegetable. You may also prepare chicken salad served with orange juice as well.


Now it is the time that everyone should worry about. Calories are not just number and the shape of your body matters. Most fitness people would choose to eat as early as they can. They normally do not overeat their meal for dinner because the calories may not completely burned by the time they go to bed. Moreover, you should not choose the heavy meals for your dinner. Rather, you may prefer to look at some veggies and fruit that can be beneficial for your skin. By doing this, it can be beneficial for not only your body, but skin, and health.