Requirements for running restaurants in Phnom Penh


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Recommended Locations for Running Restaurants in Phnom Penh


Recommended Locations for Running Restaurants in Phnom Penh

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As a developing country, there are many kinds of growing business in Cambodia, especially in Phnom Penh city. Also, there is an increasing of the restaurants in Phnom Penh as well. Owning a restaurant is not really easy as there are a lot of requirements that you need to take care of. For example, you need to take care of the budget, decoration, hiring people and most importantly the locations of your restaurant. This article is going to recommend you some locations that may help you to run restaurants in Phnom Penh successfully.

Somewhere Around Schools/Universities


Mostly, restaurants in Phnom Penh should be opened up somewhere around the areas that has schools or university. If not a lot, at least one. This is because it is a place where there are people. Students may go to your restaurants to have breakfast during their break time, or teachers and lecturers may go for breakfast and lunch nearby. This is also the opportunity that you can promote your restaurant to other customers in order to attract more clients. That kind of place can be found somewhere around Bak Touk High School, Toul Tom Pong, Russian Federation Blvd, and Beung Keng Kong regions.

Somewhere that has nice view

sky bar

Other targeted customers beside students may prefer some places that provide nice view with comfortable eating environment. For example, Eclipse Sky Bar which is set up on the rooftop of high building would provide the eaters with fresh air, and they could also see a night view of Phnom Penh city at night as well. Therefore, to start up any restaurants in Phnom Penh city, ones should take into consideration of these area around Norodom Blvd or around Koh Pich island.

Somewhere that is surrounded by business companies

Setting up a location for your restaurants somewhere that are surrounded by business companies is always a great ideas. It is because you can always guaranteed that there will be people visiting your restaurant's everyday. Business people may arrange their meetings with their clients somewhere nearby their company. Moreover, those business people may go to some restaurants that are near their workplace and throw a party with their colleagues after work.